You were created for greatness & greatness created for you!

It's your life now go live it!

-Phyllis H

I started It's A New Life in 2018 with the vision to assist many faith based people step into their greatness. Like you reading this passage, I too experienced challenges in life. One thing I realized coming out of every storm was that each one brought a new lesson that would catapult me into a new season. Every experience just as important as the last. God revealed to me that having someone to help me navigate through such moments is not only crucial but could be detrimental if I did not receive the help. As I sought mentorship in quite a few (each for different areas of my life) I began to think "what if I could be that person for someone else." An ah-ha moment came when God spoke to me and said "you can have the life you desire, your just have to create it."

And so I asked the question, what does life look like for me? I realized I didn't know my purpose. I knew I was destined for something great but what that something was I had no clue. It wasn't until I discovered the purpose God has for me that things became so clear. I began to live life intentionally and because of that I can truly say with faith, hope and a whole lot of Jesus, I am living a dream and it only gets better from here.

I encourage you to truly get to know God and the plan He has for your life. Then start doing it. Start living it. Remember YOU were created for greatness and greatness created for YOU! It's your life now give live it!

God's Seasonal Grace

was written to encourage you to encounter God's grace through challenging seasons. In it are scripture and tools that will help you determine which season you are in and designed to help you move into the season you want to be in, THE HARVEST SEASON.

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven."

- Ecclesiastes 3:1

"For as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest."
- Genesis 8:22

Old Things are gone, new things have become!

Mentorship is the foundation of success. The moment I submitted to the mentorship of someone else, is the moment I began to thrive in my life. I was no longer just living, I was intentional about my life. Now I help others become intentional about their life so they too can live the life of their dreams. When you take part in our discipleship program not only are you discovering your purpose, but you begin to walk with an accountability partner to help keep you on track. Whatever your goals or dreams are they can be achieved. With a laser focused mentality and a cheerleader in your corner you will achieve greatness and all the abundance the good Lord has promised you.

Looking to boost the moral of your organization?

Phyllis H. has been known to encourage and equip small to big size teams and move them into action. With her military experience and Pastor like voice, not only will your team leave motivated, but they will begin to take action in accomplishing the mission and goals set out before them. Book Phyllis H. today!

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"Phyllis H. is full of love and light! She's helpful, supportive & all about growth & encouragement. She uses her gifts, giving the all back to God with a sincere heart. She is a might woman of God who is intelligent and down to earth. She is in tune with her spiritual side. I praise God for her life, love and her example of a Christ like life."

- Larnell M.

"If you are at a place where you are unsure what's going on with you, whether it's concerning your marriage, ministry, job, business or just life in general then you might be going through a season of your life you need help identifying. Phyllis H. teaches you how to identify what season you are in, its purpose and how to maneuver through it. You will gain wisdom, knowledge, understanding & revelation which will help you to propel forward in life and not be at a standstill, feeling stuck of "confused.

- Evangelist Patricia Sumter

"This book will enable every ready to take hold of powerful kingdom truths, carefully constructed through diligent meditation & instruction from God's Holy Word. God's Seasonal Grace helped me refocus & remind me not to give up because God is with me every step of the way. What stuck out to me the most was when Phyllis H. wrote "The purpose is greater than the trial." God wants to transform us to be better, but we must learn to focus on the purpose & not the pain."

- Minister George Edward


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